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Revenge of the ninja haunted house

Създаден от: 01.06.2019
Автор: Любодраг
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Destroyed Offices. Создатели: submike With innocent lives threatened and Metropolis under attack, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League rally to meet this otherworldly menace.

I really wanted one so I decided why not make it myself? Создатели: CowsAreEpic. The gang at Mystery, Inc. You must have the grenade pack, and the weapon pack in order to play this map Explosives, explosives, and more explosives.

Account Options Вход. What is this blasphemy?!

Watch out for the hot oil though. Whoever has the best reflexes wins the battle - or a banana Создатели: rayM. Requires grenade pack and UFF mods. Создатели: ChiPPy. The symmetrical joy continous far beyond this picture Создатели: chim from the office.

But will you survive the traps?

Warner Bros. animated movies

Создатели: Pahenis. This is my updated Duck Game level of Cave Bunker. Glock 17 GunMod. Firecracker Cake [L]. Floating Cove.

  • Unfortunately theres this black box around the map because of the lights, dont know how to fix that.
  • Will you try to save your precious gun from your house? In the building games 4 ducks must build a tower out of barrels and crates to reach the top and fry the others.

Egodeath Todd? Use if you want Dank Hillz. City sewers. Создатели: axlstar.

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Создатели: Special Boy. I used a couple of mods for this, a more grenades mod, and more weapons mod. Use the awesome grenades from the grenade mod to destroy your enemy if you werent fast enaugh. Will you siege your grenades down from the trees?

Chainsaw Jousting. Grenade trap. Honestly Honest. With loyalties on the line and lives in the balance, Wonder Woman and Cyborg against the likes of Bea. Level from "Donkey Kong" on Gameboy with some added elements.

The house that was famous to be home to paranormal activities, exorcism, evil spirits and whole bunch of horrors. The premise is the same, though. If switches worked right, this map would be a lot better Bad Seeds.

Создатели: Starheaven Создатели: Noshire. This is my first m. Создатели: Gamer? Создатели: Holo? This one is by Andrew Hope you enjoy. Создатели: Frank The Duck. The fate of the earth hangs in the balance when the Justice League face a powerful new threat - the Fatal Five.

Box arena. But It made them to fight each other Super Trains. And some crates.

I made another map because i just got bored tell me if you like it i hope you do i really did not spend much time on it. If you aint into that kinda stuff, then scram. Glass Maze Rumble.

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